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Broadband  Internet @ Sea With services starting for as little as €320 per month we can deliver both price competitive airtime packages and at the highest level of QoS. We provide Regional footprints as well as Global coverage. Because of the flexibility of your control over your service you can save thousands over the season by not paying for high bandwidth when the boss is not on board.
VITO Technical Support It’s no secret, trying to give solid technical support to moving vessels is an absolute nightmare. VITO delivers corporate level Remote & On-Site technical support to Yachts spread geographically accross the globe. From Antennae to your Laptop, Pad or Smartphone our technical support team are waiting to help 24/7.
WiFi Networking
WiFi & Networks
Technical Services
WiFi & Networking Specialising in IT solutions that are as simple as they need to be and as easy to manage as you need them to be, we are at the forefront of Marine IT Technology. New Builds - Network Topology & Installations ReFit - Systems Upgrades, Infrastructure & Security Support - VITO 24/7 Technical Support
VITO Technical Support
VITO Technical Support
Technical Services We provide a full set of Cloud services to support the business of running a modern yacht. Whether it is for the day to day running of your boat or to help drive specific projects (eg. refits ) our Cloud services offer a host of Collaborative tools to share information and Communications tools to enable the free flow of ideas or meetings. Talk with us about designing a solution that is right for you.
Marine Intelligence
Technology & Broadband Communications for Super Yachts
Broadband Internet @ Sea
If you stick to one region then talk with us about our regional services and benefit from lower contention and lower costs. Our Global broadband service will keep you online no matter where you cruise. We provide a range of packages designed for the majority of users, and for those for whom we don’t have a package which suites then we will design a tailored service to satisfy your needs.
Key Befefits & Features Of Our Services
The VSAT market has become a very competitive one, constantly changing with new providers, better levels of quality and steadily decresing prices on an almost daily basis.  We are constantly reevaluating the VSAT market and what is available to ensure that our clients get the best service and support at the best price. We guarentee that the services we offer deliver unparalleled user experience in terms of response times and download speeds, at the keenest prices. "We provide a 7 star service because our clients expect nothing less!"
The MI Advantage
The MI Advantage is that we don’t just sell to our clients, we partner with our customers by  providing ongoing consultancy and support. We ensure that your infrastructure is always up to date and your systems running at full capacity with minimal, if any, downtime.  We also continuously monitor airtime pricing to ensure that you are getting the best deal on the market Our core advantages are as follows: Thorough pre-sales consultancy geared to finding the right product mix for your needs.Forward support in key locations around the world On-going programme for operator trainingCommunications integration VSAT, Fleet,3G/4G, Shore WiFi etc.KNS Distributor (Sales, Installation, Service, Support)Full support and service contract (Antenna, airtime, IT)Constant Airtime Pricing Reviews
VSAT Braodband @ Sea
Low Contention Ratios from 1:1"Month by Month” or Annual contracts Increase or Decrease your bandwidth at No costLow Cost Shipyard ServiceSuspend your service at no costDedicated and Contended bandwidth plans Fleet Services, i.e. shared bandwidthRegional Satellite Coverage (Med, Caribbean)Global ServiceService available on 60cm and larger antenna.Cancel Your Contract in Month 1 and you pay nothingFree Modem ( Med & Caribbean services only )VITO Technical support 24/7 Global network of engineers for local support iDirect service makes it easy to change providerOptional Bandwidth Management ServerOptional Centralised WiFi management solution 
Marine Intelligence
Global & Regional Broadband Services 
We Install
VSAT Antennas We have supplied VSAT systems to the Luxury Yacht, Oil & Gas and Fishing Industries since 2005. During this time we have gained an unparalleled knowledge of our clients needs and the solutions available to meet these needs. As  some of our customers operate in one of the harshest environments possible, the North Sea, we have the experience and background to offer the best VSAT systems, no matter where you operate.
and others
We Supply
We Support
We supply, install and support the full range of KNS Antenna. KNS are one of the leading manufacturers of marine stabilised gyroscopic antenna’s rivaling market leaders such as SeaTel on reliability, quality of service and price. Due to our unique relationship with KNS we receive generous discounts on all equipment which we pass on to our customers.
SeaTel is without doubt the market leader in marine stabilized antenna systems for broadband connectivity on yachts. Incorporated in their design are some of the leading technology concepts to reduce its size and weight while matching the performance of larger systems. We supply, install and support the full range of SeaTel solutions and products
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WiFi & Networking
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The 'Less Is More' Approach To Networks
One of the first things we noticed when we began in Yacht IT, was how over spec’d most yachts were. It seemed the bigger the yacht the more complex the Network had to be. Yet, the majority of users on a boat use only email and Internet and therefore do not need the over complicated and hard to maintain systems often seen. We specialise in listening to our customer and delivering robust easy to maintain secure Network infrastructures. Our philosophy is that less is more, we design our solutions based on the current needs and anticipated growth. All of our solutions are designed with scalability in mind.
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Why do we recommend UniFi ? When there is a problem on board the last thing you want to do is to start pulling panels looking for WiFi Access Points to try and see if they are working or not. UniFi enables you to control all AP’s via a web browser. See if any are off line or experiencing a lot of traffic. 
It’s about ease of management!
At M.I  we excel at designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs and WANs) specifically tailored to your yachts needs. Our designers create networks that are:
Turn-key Solutions!
Building Better Networking Solutions
UniFi Enterprise WiFi System
> Structured Cabling > WiFi > Email & File Servers > Routers > Bandwidth Management > Systems Integration > Remote Monitoring > Remote Management
Versatile: supporting not only data,but voice and video too.Resilient:  we design your network to offer a solid foundation for your business critical systems, with QoS / CoS support where required.Scalable: We design your network so that adding bandwidth capacity or new locations is easy.Secure: as network designers your security is top of our priority list. All of our network solutions include industry leading security as standard.
> VSAT > 3G / 4G Networks > Shore WiFi & Cable
The real driving force was when Dave saw what had been put on the yacht, simply to deliver Email and Internet. There was enough Networking, Servers and disperate technology to run a modest sized Bank. The lack of standards, the gross over specification of systems and the lack of coherent support capable of managing the global nature of the industry fueled the formation of our company. We bring to the market a company which listens first and acts afterwards. We put great effort into putting as little as possible on to our clients yacht, the less there is the less that can go wrong. We put great emphasis on giving our clients true Global support with defined processes to manage every eventuality in as quick and easy a fashion as possible. Above all, we have not forgotten our roots, and take every opportunity to continue doing good deeds…..we know they payoff in the long run.
Bringing Corporate Standards To A Very Un-Corporate World
For the want of a Potato Peeler….. 
A Technology Company was founded.
Marine Intelligence was founded on a good deed done on a hot April day in Antibes. Our founder, Dave Dempsey, having recently moved to France from Ireland, went shopping for a Potato Peeler. He happened in to the local Nauti Chef to acquire said Peeler. Now it so happened that the computer system in the shop was down, and despite his best efforts he could not buy the Peeler. "The cash register wouldn’t open, the stock control would be out.." the Scottish lady running the shop found every reason why not to part with the precious merchandise.  So, Dave’s wife stepped in and offered his services! Three hot and sweaty hours later the problem was found, fixed and the systems back on-line. And yes, true to her Scottish heritage…..she charged him the €2.70 for the Potato Peeler. A week later her husband called, he was the Captain of a 47m yacht from which they couldn’t send an email. And so began Marine Intelligence. Thank’s Nauti Chef, that’s the best €2.70 we ever spent!
Crucial to the stability and preservation of your Data are regular backups. And crucial to the preservation of your backups is that they are kept in a separate location. Not easy to do when you are on a Yacht. MI Off-Yacht Backup is a service we provide our clients, taking regular snapshots of your data and sending it to our servers during times of no activity means that your backups do not impact  the users on your network.
Our engineers can design, manage and support Database driven applications for our clients. Whether it is a bespoke solution designed to address your particular requirements or a legacy system you wish to migrate and have us manage we can help.  We develop business level applications and  Database driven dynamic websites in-house, and give ongoing support and maintenance.
Collaborative Document Sharing
The sharing of Data and information is a necessity, especially during the Build phase or Refits. MI-Share is a unique service we offer our clients where they can share documents, images and other data with Yacht Managers, Project Team and Owners. 
Over the years the face of computing has completely changed. Up until now it has always been a case of buying seemingly over priced software and running everything on your Laptop or Computer. Cloud computing enables you to use applications hosted online whilst storing your data online also. These days you can access all of your applications and data on any machine with a Browser and an Internet connection.
MI-Share has built in Version control and change management ensuring that all modifications are tracked and older versions are available should you ever need to step back
Email & Web Hosting
MI-Email provides corporate level, secure Email to our clients. Our Data Center runs parallel email servers ensuring the minimum of downtime, less than .1% on average over the past 9 years. Our engineers are available 24/7 to help with any issues. MI-Web provides an immediate web presence to our clients. We can host the Domain name of your choice ( subject to availability ), build a web presence and manage your Social presence as well
A common problem Yachts face is the loss of contact details for suppliers, phone numbers, emails etc. We provide an easy to use service enabling our clients to easily and securely store all their contacts details centrally online. Read only (and Full)  access can be granted to others so that you all share the same phone book. And when crew depart, the details remain
Off-Yacht Data Backup 
Managed IT SupportMarine Intelligence’s VITO (Virtual I. T. Officer) service provides a managed service to our customers that combines both onsite and  remote IT support to your yacht. Our HelpDesk can respond to your daily issues and our field service engineers visit your boat at regular intervals for maintenance and support. Our team supports everything from VSAT, Network, WiFi, PC, Tablets, Emails in fact anything IT related. The key benefit of partnering with VITO is that we allow our customers to concentrate on managing their Yacht, Guests and Crew rather than their IT systems. Our IT support contract offers our customers a number of hours / days’ worth of IT support for them to use on any issues or equipment that they require and our packages are designed to ensure the continuing optimal performance of your IT setup at an affordable cost. We offer our customers a combined support package to cover the various elements of scheduled maintenance, responsive support and critical monitoring. Our packages are built to offer a combination of proactive and reactive IT support. Scheduled visits are designed to provide a regular proactive maintenance serviceSupport hours bundle provide reactive support to the various issues that occur daily. Maintenance VisitsWith our managed IT maintenance visit, we arrange a certain number of visits to your yacht at various intervals throughout the year (i.e.once a month, every second month, every quarter etc.) where we undertake a set list of maintenance checks and tasks on your IT equipment such as the server,the backup procedures, your PCs, network equipment etc. Managed HelpDeskMarine Intelligence’s VITO service  has a fully automated HelpDesk which will allow you to log and track your issues and through our team of remote and field based engineers we will ensure to react in a speedy manner to your issues. For all customers, the first port of call to log an issue is via our HelpDesk. Our HelpDesk manager receives notification of all issues and then assigns them to office based engineers that will initially attempt to establish and resolve the problem remotely. Should this not be possible then our HelpDesk manager will schedule for an engineer to call onsite and work on the issue. All issues logged on our HelpDesk receive a case number and users will be kept abreast of the status of their case via email updates whenever there is an action on that case. Got an Issue?The preferable method to log an issue is by emailing helpdesk@marineintelligence.net . Users can also have access to an online system that allows them track their tickets or you can log a ticket through our website or calling our helpdesk directly. Request a QuoteContact us for a support contract that suits you today! Email us on sales@marineintelligence.net to arrange a call back from one of our technical sales team.
Managed IT SupportVITO provides a managed service to its customers that combines both onsite and remote IT Support for your Yacht.
IT Project ManagementVITO provides assistance to New Build & Refit  IT projects. We can assist in areas such as advice, planning and installation for infrastructure or software projects.
Hardware & Software SalesMake Marine Intelligence your global partner for the supply of all brands of IT related Hardware & Software. We can forward goods to your local Agent or directly to your Yacht, no matter where.
How VoIP Works
Additional Features
Taking all of the concepts and features of an analog PBX and hosting them on the Internet allows for ease of use and a greater level of flexibility. All of the features exist on the VoIP provider's network which eliminates the need for an onsite PBX. This turns any yacht with internet connectivity into an office. With CPBX, a user can make configuration adjustments to their service from a web portal. Also, the crew can exist anywhere but can all be managed under the umbrella of the CPBX system, on or off your yacht. The scope of support is expansive and covers anything that is directly within the service provider's umbrella. This includes all of the hosted features and communications with the end points.
Cloud Based PBX
Also known as SIP Trunking, this is the perfect solution for yachts who are looking for a more localised experience by having their own IP PBX on board. With this product the service provider is only there to send and receive calls to the IP PBX. The IP PBX conceptually emulates an analog PBX in that all of the features and lines are configured on your yacht opposed to in a Cloud PBX where everything is configured with the service provider. 
Yacht Based PBX
VoIP works just like a regular phone with just one key difference - how the phone call actually gets to your yacht. VoIP routes your phone calls directly to your telephone using your high speed VSAT internet connection. You hear a dial tone and make your phone calls just like you've always done. By routing your calls over the Internet you save on call charges ( when compared to a terrestrial service) and have the ability to operate a complete switched service on board your yacht, with Hunting, Call Forwarding and all of the other features common place in todays office.
3-Way-Calling Advanced Call Forwarding Call Logs Call Waiting/Hold Fax-to-Email iPhone & Android Mobile Apps Keep Existing Phone Numbers Multi-Line Hunt Groups Music On Hold
BOSS enables you to manage your bandwidth at a very granular level; Prioritise your bandwidth by individual or groups.Agrigate bandwidth, combine VSAT, 3G and any other service See how much bandwidth is being used by user device in real timeLimit usage by user or group to Time or DataDisconnect users without effecting othersGateway management at the touch of a buttonAnd control it all from your Laptop, iPad, Smart Phone or PC
Try it for a month with no commitment, if BOSS doesn’t do all we promise and more we will take it back. You have nothing to loose, and a huge amount to gain!
Meet The B.O.S.S.
Developed by our partner company Global Marine Communications (GMC) BOSS is a truly innovative technology designed to give you complete control over your VSAT, 3G, Shore WiFi or any other Broadband service on your Yacht. It’s not just about how much bandwidth you have, it is more a case of how it is managed, Most crew will have at least two devices if not three, Phone, Tab and Laptop, all of which are consuming bandwidth even when you think they are not being used. Updates & Downloads are constantly happening in the background meaning that without anybody seemingly surfing all of your bandwidth can be consumed in “the background”.
B.O.S.S. gives you the power to control this by prioritising who can use bandwidth, at what priority level and / or at what time. By giving the Owner the highest priority level you can ensure that their experience is that they have all the bandwidth for themselves. Put senior officers at the next priority level down to ensure that the business of the boat is conducted at near full bandwidth. By dropping the crew to the lowest priority level it doesn’t matter whether they are downloading or updating, their traffic takes a back seat.
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What if you could prioritise and manage your bandwidth, ensuring that the Owner gets ALL of the bandwidth when they want it….. without having to kick everybody else off the Internet?  B.O.S.S. does this……and a lot more!Learn More  >>
Cost - 
> Technical Support
Flexability - You control your bandwidth & costs
VITO Technical Support
Our VITO Support service is designed to be a complete remote support resource focused on delivering immediate solutions to your technical problem.  From VSAT, Networks, PC’s and even Mobile technology, our team of experts are here 24/7 waiting for your call. Read More >>
Service -  Focused on Solutions and not Sales
Why Choose Marine Intelligence?
Our VSAT Services in Detail
Unlimited Broadband Internet Airtime from 320 per month
> VSAT Services & Pricing
> VOIP   
Support -  VITO Call Center 24/7 
> VSAT Antenna 
About Our Global & Regional VSAT Services
It’s not just about how much bandwidth you have,it’s about how you manage it!
Over the past 5 years the VSAT market has changed dramatically, driven by a more competitive environment and a more demanding, tech. savi, user base. In response to this Marine Intelligence has partnered with the leading service providers so as to deliver to our customers a high quality, cost competitive solution bundled with features designed to deliver corporate quality Internet service and complete IT solutions for your yacht. All of our service offerings are scaleable designed to grow and shrink based on your anticipated usage. By partnering with several different providers we can offer you a wide range of service types and cost levels to suit your budget, saving you the trouble of searching from provider to provider. We have already done the leg work for you, and we are constantly re-evaluating what is available, so you don’t have to. For a detailed description of our Airtime packages visit our VSAT Services page. 
Modem - Hughes Service
Global Broadband Services 
512 kbps
2048 kbps
Monthly Cost
Mediterranean & Caribbean Services 
256 kbps
Modem - iDirect Service
Low Contention Ratios from 2:1"Month by Month” or Annual contracts Increase or Decrease your bandwidth at No costLow Cost Shipyard ServiceSuspend your service at no costDedicated and Contended bandwidth plans Fleet Services, i.e. shared bandwidthRegional Satellite Coverage (Med, Caribbean)Global ServiceService available on 60cm and larger antenna.Cancel Your Contract in Month 1 and you pay nothingFree Modem ( Med & Caribbean services only )VITO Technical support 24/7 Global network of engineers for local support iDirect service makes it easy to change providerOptional Bandwidth Management ServerOptional Centralised WiFi management solution 
128 kbps
1024 kbps
If you already have a VSAT service then you know how expensive it is, especially when compared to your home service. One of the prime contributors to the high cost is that services are priced based on a Global footprints basis and not on a regional footprint basis. Marine Intelligence can offer you significantly cheaper services, with low contention ratios and high quality of service. Our Med & Caribbean footprints deliver all of the features and benefits of Global services combined with great flexibility. So, if you cruise in these regions then don’t pay more than you have to, call one of our consultants today for free consultation. And don’t worry, if the boss changes their mind and wants to go further afield we can swap you over to one of our Global services.
Our Global broadband service will keep you online no matter where you cruise. We provide a range of packages designed for the majority of users, and for those for whom we don’t have a package which suites then we will design a tailored service to satisfy your needs.
Additional Costs
Airtime Pricing Examples
Instalation (per man day)