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Imagine Never Having To Worry About Your Internet Again!

We get the quotes, commission your service and give ongoing support
All you have to contact us!

Getting you the best  Internet @ the best price is what we do

We talk to all of the major suppliers on your behalf, negotiating pricing, contract terms and gathering testimonials. You get the top 5 quotes and a consultant to go through the pros' and cons' of each, helping you decide on which is better. 

VSAT - Ku & Ka

  We deliver quotes for both Ku and Ka services, globally
+ We help you in migrating from Ku to Ka
+ We can get quotes for your antenna; upgrades & new
+ We can get quotes for the installation of antenna
+ We project manage the whole process......

But what if we told you........

"We don't charge you for any of this!" 

Expert Advice

Over 10 years of providing marine IT & VSAT

Our experts do a complete analysis of your needs in terms of the ships business,  crew and guests usage. We also look at your existing hardware so that we can find the best services available to suit your needs & equipment.

Clear, honest info

The No Spin Zone!

No jargon or toggling between providers to guess your best option. Just fair, easy-to-understand info that'll help you navigate the decision of which service provider to choose, with total confidence.

Project Management

Saving you valuable Time.

We project manage the whole process for you, from requirments gathering, to getting the quotes, analysing them with you, and then, once you have selected a provider, we oversee the instalation and commissing of the service.

On-Going Support

100% Customer Focus

We stay with our clients throughout the lifetime of their service providing Technical Support and Assistance. We continually assess your satisfaction with your service, and, we monitor your data usage to make sure that you are not buying more than you're consuming.

Global Partner

No matter where your Boat or Plane is located or where it is going to, we can deliver the highest quality Internet no matter where.

Super Yachts

Flexible services for a dynamic & demanding industry

We have over 10 years experience in delivering high quality Internet services to Yachts. Each contract is designed with flexability and scalability at the very core because we know the demands placed on the Internet service, and the Captain to deliver.
Todays' Super Yachts demand no less than 7 Star service, we deliver this not only through the quality of service but also through unparralleled Technical Support.
We are here 24/7 to help and support our Global network of clients.

Commercial Shipping / Oil & Gas

 Enterprise level communications on the high seas

The demands placed on commercial shipping to have a quality and reliable communnications infrastrucutre have grown at an incredible rate over the past 10 years.  Not only is it neccessary for the crew or passangers but also the commercial side of the shipping.
We have many years of delivering Enterprise level systems and services, with an emphasis on pre-emptive technical support and systems monitoring. We like the fix the issue before it  becomes a problem.


We deliver the same level of quality & service in the sky

Being connected no matter where you are has become expected and in-flight is no exception. As technology has improved, the number of uses for in-flight connectivity has evolved for both critical and non-critical communications. The appetite for more bandwidth is increasing at an exponential rate to support internet access and applications like streaming video, web browsing, aircraft safety, video conferencing, and more.
Talk to us about a package covering both your Yacht & your Plane.

4G  Regional & Roaming

We  work with all the top marine 4G suppliers and are uniquely positioned to negotiate the best pricing on behalf of our clients.

Happy with your current service?

If you are then that's great.

But why not talk to us anyway?

Often we can negotiate better pricing & conditions
with your current provider.

And you will get all of our other benefits to!

Why Choose MI to manage your Internet?

Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to choose MI VSAT to manage your Internet service
  • Expert requirements analysis

  • Existing topology (Antenna & Network) analysis

  • Comprehensive market knowledge

  • Call to tender from over 50+ Service Providers

  • Testimonials of all recommended services

  • Our consultants work with you in deciding the best service

  • Project Management of service commissioning 

  • MI Technical Support, additional to the Service Providers

  • On going service analysis for the life of all contracts

  • VSAT & Network engineering services sourcing

and best of all, we do not charge our clients for any of these services.

So How Do We Make Money?

We do not charge our customers for our MI VSAT service. Instead we take a standard commission from the Service Providers or 3rd party contractors. In the intersts of total transparency we declare this commission on each quotation. 

We ensure that the commissions we get paid in no way adversly effects or increases the prices quoted.

The commission we charge allows us to provide other value added services, for example requirement analysis, site survey, tender process, consultancy, project management and on going support.

You will never be charged for our MI VSAT service, that is our promise to you!


One of our consultants will reply to you within 24 hours